What’s Wrong With Global Warming–?



Everything is global warming, or man made caused according to the environmental wackos.

……but if it weren’t for the motivations of the opportunist politicians looking to tax carbon credits while at the same time investing their family fortunes in those companies that have been awarded the rights to trade these credits, it would seem so believable…..

…..then you have the opportunist researchers who cling onto the belief that man is causing all of this weather misery but we come to find out that these studies are funded with grants they receive from these same politicians and organizations that have a stake in it for financial gain.

….all the while, the citizens of the world get played. The middle class evaporates and we all march on to a one-world government run by these morons.

….save humanity and spread the truth.


Winter returns to Bosnia: Sarajevo hit by latest snow storm in 50 years



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